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State of ACI

I'm trying to decide between iPlanet and OpenLDAP; I would prefer to use
OpenLDAP if it meets the design goals.  One of the biggest is the ability
to have access rules stored in the directory itself, and allow users to
modify them while bound as themselves.

I've read through the OpenLDAP list archives, and I see the word
"experimental" used next to ACI a lot.  I would normally take that as an
advisement not to use OpenLDAP ACI in a production context.  Are there
sites using ACI in production that would like to comment about the state
of the code, and how ACIs have worked for them?  (I'm aware of the
performance impact.)

Thanks much for any thoughts.

Brent J. Nordquist <b-nordquist@bethel.edu> N0BJN