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Re: Organization of LDAP

>I am going to be hosting multiple domains on my server and will be offering
>email addresses to these companies.  I am trying to organize my LDAP
>database before building it and am unsure of the best way to do it.
>Originally I thought about doing:
>                                                        US
>                                                    /            \
>                                                domaina    domainb
>                                        /            \
>/                \
>                                Accounts    People        Accounts    People
>The problem that I see with this is I don't know how / if you can tell the
>IMAP to authenticate against multiple trees?  If I can do that will this

The problem is what base you search from.  Is there a "need" to establish 
seperate trees?  If the only "real" difference between users is their 
e-mail domain, host, etc,  there should be no problem placing all the 
accounts in a single tree of the mother organization.  We have 13 
companies, 9 domains, etc... all under one base.  Is administrative 
authority distributed amongst the domains or controlled centrally?

>organization layout work.  If I can't do that can anyone suggest how to use
>ldap to manage multiple domains?
>Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

Why not use RFC2247 naming?

dc=Whitemice,dc=Org - dc=RedDog,dc=Org
ou=People,dc=Whitemice,dc=Org - ou=Accounts,dc=Whitemice,dc=Org

etc...  Seems more intuitive in this case.

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