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Re: ldap with a Mysql backend

I am using MySQL/MyODBC as the backend of OpenLDAP, under Win32.
It is not very difficult to setup but a bit tricky, as not sufficient documentation.
After hours of trial and error I make it work.
However I found that the LDAPadd function is not as sophisticated as it should be, like using LDBM.
Finally I have to write another program to handle the add process using Perl, and let the LDAP server remain as data retrieval.

At 07:54 ¤U¤È 2002/4/9, Adam Williams wrote:
>Is somebody out there using a Mysql backend for openLDAP..
>I was curious if there is a "howto"  available to set up a mysql backend for

There is a howto for postgresql,  setting up mysql should be very
similair.  It looks like one needs stored procedures, etc... it order to
really use back-sql effectively,  and I don't know if mySQL supports
those.  back-sql documentation is a little sketchy (IMHO).