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Re: Antwort: linking OpenLDAP binaries statically

On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 01:46 PM, f.skale@mainwork.com wrote:

Why not using the archive ?
Compile the libs and then edit the Makefile of /clients/tools
My statical linkage of my client program looks like this:

 gcc -Wall test.c -o test /usr/lib/libldap.a /usr/lib/liblber.a
/usr/lib/libssl.a /usr/lib/libnsl.a /usr/lib/libresolv.a
/usr/lib/libcrypt.a /usr/lib/libdb.a  /usr/lib/libsasl.a
/usr/lib/libcrypto.a /usr/lib/libdl.a   /usr/lib/libl.a

thanks Franz for taking the time to reply.

  this solution is OK;  unfortunately I'm affraid we can't afford this in
a world that used to be ruled by commercial support agreements
not so long ago..

the thing is, before this solution is deployed, some people will have
to follow the official procedure sheet, compile and install the stuff
themselves for validation purpose;  many of these guys are clearly
reluctant to the use of free software, and they won't let us get away
with this so easily.

my guess is the ./configure script was messed up at some point,
maybe at the time dynamic modules where introduced.  however,
this is just plain speculation.  I will investigate on it when I find the
time, and post the results here.

in the meantime, thanks again for your solution.  I may reconsider
it later, but only if I can't find any other way to solve my problem.

  best regards,

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