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Slapd: disable bind before start_tls?

Hello again,

Is there some way to tell slapd to not allow bind from clients
before TLS is started? I mean allow init/open from clients but not
any authentication without a preceeding sucsessfull start_tls.
By the way, there doesn't seem to be any documentation of
ldap_set_option and the source code of libldap seems almost
suspicously free from comments. Is there an updated version of the
man pages or somewhere else I can read C API docs. I've seen an
old RFC but it only seemed to cover LDAPv1 API or something like that.

Being a java developer only on a detour to C I'm normally spoiled
by javadoc. On a tangent I must say that I have found the Net::LDAP 
(perl-dap) man pages very nice.

Fredrik Jonson