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Re: How can I uninstall openldap completely?

do you mean 'clean the source tree' or 'uninstall openldap binaries on your system'.

If you want clean the source tree 'make distclean' should do a good enough job. I don't know if it removes the config.cache file, but if it doesn't then you just have to manually remove that. Your source tree should be pristine now.

There is 'make maintainer-clean' but that may remove files that you need autoconf and automake and libtool to be run to be replaced ( usually you just run autogen.sh if it is available ). But that's not what you want.

if you want to uninstall binaries from the system and you still have the source code you installed it from the 'make uninstall' should do it with most automake/autoconf projects. I haven't tried this with openldap though, but it might work.


David Hsu wrote:
Hello everyone, I have installed openldap-2.0.23.tgz successfully! But now, I want to uninstall it and reinstall it again!!
So I have typed 'make clean' and 'make distclean' in the openldap source directory, But I finded that the configure files and others did not be removed! So who can tell me how to uninstall it completely, including all the files!!

David Hsu
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