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Re: end user tools

Mark Lehrer wrote:
> Now that I had the basic LDAP server working (thanks to this list), I
> am trying to come up with an easy way for our HR person to manage the
> data.  At this point I'm interested in storing just email info,
> phone extensions, and job titles.
> Is there an easy CGI-based way to do this?  I suppose I could hack one
> up in PHP fairly easily but I don't want to re-invent the wheel if it
> is not necessary.
> Thanks,
> Mark

I'm using a tool called ldapbrowser (find it in google) that works quite
well for a small company with few changes per month (10-20 here). There
is a version for linux and windows and documentation can be found on the
web site.

Ken Schneider
Senior UNIX Administrator
Network Administrator