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Re: Problem with ldapadd, SASL, KRB using LDAPv3 from Turbo Fredrikson

[Let's keep this on the list...]

>>>>> Please double check your Cyrus SASL installation...

    François-Xavier> Indeed, I realised that RedHat didn't fix that
    François-Xavier> problem : I had to recompile their package with
    François-Xavier> the gssapi2.patch applied (RedHat already
    François-Xavier> supplied the gssapi1.patch ). So the problem
    François-Xavier> described at the URL above is now fixed.

    François-Xavier> But I still can't add entries into ldap... The
    François-Xavier> error message is the same I even tried to allow
    François-Xavier> full-access to everyone ...

I'm not sure, but I _think_ that you have to recompile openldap as well.
Or at least restart it (?)...
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