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RE: How to add a datafield proxyauth ?

If you are thinking about createing an attribute, then its worth defining an
extension to your schemas, rather than adding an attr in an existing schema.
Reason, if you upgrade it will probably overwrite your changes. Therefore,
obtain and OID number for your organisation (www.iana.org) . Once you have
an OID range, then use that to create your Object Class and supporting
attribs for your requirement. Create an entry in LDAP using this ObjectClass
and any other you require for your needs.

Of course the easiest thing to do, is find an existing attrib that you can
use. Saves a lot of hassle.

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I want to add a datafield proxyauth for squid password authentication to my
LDAP-Tree. How can I make it and whats the best way ?

Create a new schema or add it to an schema that I already use (core,
inetorgperson) ?