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Re: What LDAP to use?

>I´m started installing OpenLDAP and I have a doubt:
>What LDAP should I install?
>I know the best should be the lastest release, but I have listened
>thant OpenLDAP-2 is hardier to install and configure, and with

?  I don't think this is true.  Starting from scratch they are about the
same to get going.

>OpenLDAP-1, it´s easier to install.

OL1 only support LDAP v2,  OL2 supports LDAP v3.  You want v3 for many
many reasons (security, referrals, schema browesing).  And many (and
more) current applications (Samba for one) require a v3 DSA.

>The problem is in the OpenLDAP homepage there is no
>documentation about it.
>Is this information correct?

There is lots of documentation on the site.