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Re: Problem with ldapadd, SASL, KRB using LDAPv3 from Turbo Fredrikson

>>>>> "François-Xavier" == François-Xavier LAMARE <fxlamare@wanadoo.fr> writes:

    François-Xavier> ldap_add: Insufficient access

Should tell you the problem...

    François-Xavier> suffix		"dc=voie, dc=lactee"

This COULD be the problem... The space...

    François-Xavier> # The admin dn has full write access
    François-Xavier> access to *
    François-Xavier>         by dn="uid=ldapadm.+\+realm=VOIE.LACTEE" write
    François-Xavier>         by * read

Seems correct to me... You might have stumbeled across the CyrusSASL bug
described at the URL:


Please double check your Cyrus SASL installation...