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Re: One directory server, multiple roots

Yes.  You may have as many directories as you wish (within reason!)
under the same slapd.conf.  They simply live in different Unix
Have a good read of the slapd.conf man page and the Admin Guide;
the info's in there.  You start each new directory with a

database	ldbm  (or whatever database you're actually using)


--Chris Robertson
Corinthian Engineering

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Thomas [iso-8859-1] Gagné wrote:

> Our company may need to maintain LDAP directories for
> multiple companies.  Each one is really its own root.
> Eventually, the directories may relocate to their respective
> companies, but before that happens I'm wondering if
> LDAP servers can be configured to support multiple roots.
> For instance, querying our companies ldap server, the search
> base is dc=efinnet,dc=com.  Searching another company's
> directory would use the base of dc=acme,dc=com.
> Can both be implemented on the same server at port 389?
> --
> .tom