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Re: Quick question how to manage pam + nss !!!


There are two packages provided by padl (www.padl.com): nss_ldap and 
pam_ldap.  You'll find sample configurations within the distribution as 
well as some documentation.  There are also mailing lists which are more 
suitable and you should be able to find information at the same site.


Please respond to f.skale@mainwork.com 
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Subject:        Quick question how to manage pam + nss !!!

After no one answerded my question about pam + nss, i try it in an other
simplier way.
What is ncessary to login, ftp, ssh, cyrus to provide ldap authentication 
I read that nscd + the right config is necessary to provide that.
Can anyone be so kind and reply some words how the ldap structure has to 
against nss.
Also, a short config will help me to implement ldap + pam + nss.

Thanks in advance


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