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RE: A LDAP how to?

Note sure what you are aiming to do. However, I am assuming you want to add
only the member entry without the rest. When populating any LDAP server you
need the DN and the mandatory values to ensure the entry is created. For
example, if you create a person, you will need the DN of where that entry is
created plus the commonName and the surname, of course this depends on the
ObjectClass you use.

If you look at you schema and check the ObjectClass you want to use, you
will see entries that are "may" and "must". Must, obviously is mandatory.
Hope this answers your question.

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Subject: A LDAP how to?

I have an entry like this for example:









Is there a way to write a filter to get only the 'member' in the above
entry? The number of occurrences of this attribute in this entry is ad-hoc.


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Subject: Re: PHP and LDAPv3

>if i config my OpenLDAP2 v. 2.0.23 server with,
>- ------------< snip <------< snip <------< snip <------------
>require bind authc LDAPv3
>- ------------< snip <------< snip <------< snip <------------
>php4.1.1 cannot connect
>if i set it to
>- ------------< snip <------< snip <------< snip <------------
>require bind authc
>- ------------< snip <------< snip <------< snip <------------
>it works fine.
>...so does this mean PHP does not support LDAPv3 ?

It defaults to version 2.

Try something like  -

if (ldap_set_option($ds, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3))
    echo "Using LDAPv3";
    echo "Failed to set protocol version to 3";

The ldap_set_option() call has to be after ldap_connect() and before

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