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Re: Best implementation of ldap + mailserver !!!

I'd say postfix + cyrus

Take a look at cyrus-utils.sf.net for one howto using this setup.

Also take a look at www.ispman.org for another virtual domain solution.

limacute is also a complete solution using openldap, exim and curier. http://www.limacute.org/

f.skale@mainwork.com wrote:

Can anyone tell me the best ldap + mailserver implementation of linux ?
I am using sendmail as mailserver + cyrus + sasl.
I know, that Cyrus is fully working with ldap.
But i heard, that sendmail offers only slight implementations to aliases.
So my question is to find out the mailserver fully compatible with ldap?
(ALIASES, Virtusers, domains etc)
Thanks in advance

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