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I have read the common errors link regarding errno=97, but I can't ignore
the message.  Whenever I cannot reach my ldap directory this is the error
message in the log file, whenever this is logged I am unable to contact the
directory.  If it did not go away on restarting slapd, I would have to
reboot; but now every time slapd is started (even after reboot) this message
is logged and I cannot contact the directory as a result.  I have had the
directory running for about 6 months with know real problems except when
this error message turns up.  If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
The error is:- 'errno:97 (Address family not supported by protocol)', and
this seems to be causing the problems, unless the real problem just
propagates this error as well, in which case this message is just confusing
the issue.
Regards - Pat