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load balancing openldap and handling referrals

Greetings all,

I'm hoping if anyone can provide any advice about the following scenario that we are trying to setup

         LDAP clients
|___Load Balancer____|
|               |                 |
master   slave1       slave2

LDAP clients access the load balancer as myldap.mydomain.net while the following are internal host names

master = master.mydomain.net
slave1 = slave1.mydomain.net
slave2 = slave2.mydomain.net

If an ldap update is sent to either slave1 or slave2, a referral is sent back to the client with the internal address of the master but since the internal address is not visible to the LDAP client (it only sees myldap.mydomain.net), how can it forward the request to the master?

Is this a setting that must be handled by the load-balancer or is there a smarter way of handling the referral? If anyone of you are load balancing your ldap servers how do you handle LDAP commands that must modify the data (delete/modify/add) when it hits the slave and a referral is generated?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.