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RE: Storing references...

No, not alias object. As far as I understood from alias object, if I use
alias instead of complete DN and if I delete this entry which has reference
to original object then the original object also gets deleted !!!
	I have a structure wherein I have all users defined under "Employee"
node. When I declare different modules, I specify all users having access to
that perticular module. If I use alias here and lateron try to remove any
user from the module then it'll delete that user from original list under
"Employees" !!!

Please, Correct me If I'm wrong !!


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>Any idea what this objectClass "referral" is ?????.

A referral (as I understand it) refers a query to another partition of
the Dit.

>Basically I have one entry in my LDAP tree and the attribute of that entry
>need to store a reference to one entry somewhere else.
>dn: cn=AdministrationSite,cn=CCU,ou=Roles,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys
>ou: Application
>ou: ABS
>ou: Roles
>cn: CCU
>cn: cn=Site,cn=Administration,ou=Modules,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys
>objectclass: organizationalRole
>Now in my above example "cn: cn=Site,
>cn=Administration,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys" attribute stores
>reference to an entry with "dn=cn=Site,
>cn=Administration,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys". But now the problem is
>my "CN" attribute has more than one value. Can I have some other attribute
>which can store such reference ???

I think what you really want is an alias object.