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newbie Qeustion on Preparing DNS for kerberos

For days I've been reading www.bayour.com/LDAPv3-HOWTO trying to setup my kerberos realm.  I know those instructions are very good for people who're familiar with networking, but I'm over my head here because I am missing some vital basic understanding.  Could someone please refer me to a source for beginners or if there's quick answers help me along?
Q 1)
The instructions in the above document state that I need to setup ldap and kerberos servers in my DNS like the following
---- snip -----
; IP address to the Kerberos/LDAP servers
kerberos       IN     A    <IP ADDRESS OF YOUR 1st KERBEROS SERVERS>
kerberos-1     IN     A     <IP ADDRESS OF YOUR 2nd KERBEROS SERVERS>
ldap              IN     A     <IP ADDRESS OF YOUR 1st LDAP SERVER>
----------- snip ----
But I only have one IP address provided to me by my ISP.  So do I enter that one IP address for all of the servers?
Q 2)
To setup kerberos realm name I need to use my domain name.  Is that the domain name found in /etc/resolv.conf? 
Q 3)
Can I just use localhost.localdomain to setup a kerberos realm name and skip setting up DNS for  kerberos and ldap servers, if I want to use kerberos in my local domain only?