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LDAP and AD?

Hi Jacques Landru,
I have a dream to have all passwords and users in LdapServer. I have found a your similar documents at http://openldap.org/lists/openldap-general/200006/msg00038.html. But it's very short. Can you give me more details?
My LAN is Windows 2000, all of user account are in the Active Directory. On now, it's working. I want to introdure RedHat Linux environment on the workstations, with the same login password. I have installed a RedHat Linux 7.2 in another machine with openldap 2.0.11-13.
Can you help more details?
1) How I create scripts to generate LDIF files from the Windows 2000 account descriptions (username, uid, grid number, home dir...)? Can give me the source code?
2) How I configure to synchronize account profiles on the LDAP server and on the Windows 2000 Server?