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Re: LDAP is working - how to logon and whats sasldb ???

>>>>> "Holger" == Holger Banko <holger.banko@pgam.com> writes:

    Holger> Mar  26 08:46:19  pc-0001  in.telnetd[1865]: connect  from
    Holger> (
    Holger> [...]
    Holger> Mar 26 08:46:24 pc-0001 login: Cannot make/remove an entry
    Holger> for the specified session

Did you tell _telnetd_ to use pam_ldap? Just because you use nss_ldap, don't
mean that TELNET is authentication against LDAP.

nss_ldap is mainly used for uidnumber/gidnumber lookups and the like.

    Holger> SRCH base="dc=pgam, dc=com" scope=2
    Holger> filter="(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=cs))"

If you do the same search with 'ldapsearch', do you get the same result as

ldapsearch -b 'dc=pgam, dc=com' '(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=cs))'

It _MIGHT_ be a problem with the space in the search base, try




This indicates that the object is found...

    Holger>  unable to open Berkeley db /etc/sasldb: No such file or
    Holger> directory

This is not a problem.

    Holger> Genereal questions about the homedirs, must I create them
    Holger> by hand ?

No. You can use the 'pam_mkhomedir' module to do this for you (I do).

    Holger> How do the users later access them from other
    Holger> machines ? They are automatically mounted by the ldap
    Holger> client ??? Or must I write scripts ??

You have to do NFS. Export your homedirectory, which is mounted on the
clients. With a little help from AutoFS (which configuration can also
be in the LDAP database) this is done 'on the fly' when the user is
logging on...