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RE: mail = mailRoutingAddress

Following example shows the attr commonName also referred to cn, this is the
same as ou being organizationalUnit. So mailRoutingAddress can be in mail.
You will need to make sure there no other dependencies on the attrib you
want to use. Be careful when you are changing the schema.

attributeType ( NAME 'name'
                EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
                SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
                SYNTAX{32768} )
        attributeType ( NAME
                ( 'cn' $ 'commonName' ) SUP name )

Also, you can refer to RFC2252 and 2253 for additional info at www.ietf.org.

Dhiren Pankhania

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> One thought is to use the mail attr as an alias to mailRoutingAddress, but
> this is likely to cause problems as you will need to adjust the schema (or

I am willing to do this, but what does the .schema directive look like?
Sorry, I've compiled/debuged/administrated OpenLDAP extensively, but
I've never written a schema file.