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Re: Why Windows client can connect openldap server?

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, ê°ÁÁ wrote:

> The program works well in Linux,But when I transplant it on
> Windows2000,include<Winldap.h>,use Wldap32.lib,meet "ldap_bind
> error",the error No. is 51:LDAP_SEVER_DOWN,it cannot contact the ldap
> server.The code is like followed:

1. Have you looked at your OpenLDAP logs?  (Note that, while I ask the
question, I've not gotten a real handle on OpenLDAP's logs just yet, so
post any questions regarding the logs to the group.)

2. Do your access control lists give cn=Manager,...,dc=cn access to auth

3. Do you have the ability to sniff the network connections?

I can't think of any other helpful questions to ask.  I will point out
that, when tracking down similar problems between iPlanet's LDAP and
various proprietary clients, I've frequently found them doing some odd
things and making interesting assumptions.  I recall at least one which
made the (bad) assumption that every entry found would be a member of
some non-standard objectclass I'd never heard of before.  (Turned out,
their API provided two methods for connecting to LDAP; they were using
the one that was for connecting to that vendor's LDAP.  Switching to the
other one cleared that issue, IIRC.)