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ldapsearch isn't returning any data

Title: ldapsearch isn't returning any data

Hi - I am new to the world of ldap and I'm trying to do a query but obviously
doing something wrong because it isn't returning any data.  I'm using iPlanet
4.1 ldap running on solaris 7 (I hope I'm not committing too huge a crime
asking here since I'm not using openLDAP).  I have the following directory
structure -


I can get data returned from the NetscapeRoot directory with the
following query -

ldapsearch -b "o=netscaperoot" -s sub "sn=Administrator"

but no matter what I do with the myorg.com directory nothing gets returned.
For instance, I have tried

ldapsearch -b "myorg.com" -s sub "uid=*"
ldapsearch -b "ou=People,o=myorg,o=myorg.com" -s sub "uid=*"  <-- and lots of other attributes

no matter what I do it returns nothing, but I know that there is data there
because I can see it in the console.  Does anyone have any thoughts on what
I am doing wrong in my search or my syntax?   Any help would be greatly

thanks -
Ebeth Jones