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Re: open ldap and local user management?

On 18 Mar 2002, Arnoud Smit wrote:
> At the moment I'm working on a proposal to implement openLDAP at a huge
> firm where openLDAP should manage about 8000 user accounts. This should

I'm currently controllins a system with about 10'000 userŽaccounts in
openldap. And the target is to increase it to about 20'000 in the next

> - openLDAP should provide a way to create some /home/<user>/ directories
> on machines where the users can log in locally.

If you are using pam then use pam_mkhomedir.

> - any problems when you use PS on an LDAP bases machine? eg. is PS using
> LDAP when it needs to insert a username in its output?

no problems.

> Yups, the customer wants a lot, wants some GUI's (anyone knows of good
> GUI's for the above tasks and esp. the amount of users?)

I don't use currently any that I would recommend.

> Thanks in advance for all the tips and info..

Start nscd to cache uid lookups.