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Re: getting very frustrated with lack of success

>I had the same problems and I an not a complete stranger to
>There should be a collective effort to make documenting 
>OpenLDAP for the end users. It is a great technology and it is needed by 
>the open source community.

I am trying to create a decent OpenLDAP document with my LDAP
presentation (ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf).  If you can
think of something I should cover or some point to elaborate on I'm more
than happy to hear it.

>>I have been silently suffering through what has turned into an ordeal
>>with trying to set up a simply configured, very basic ldap server.  I
>>have followed the directions in the HOWTO, the Quickstart Guide, and a
>>quasi-HOWTO to this mailing list (From: "Simon
>>Ritchie"<Simon.Ritchie@net.ntl.com>, Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 16:00:53
>>+0100) paying particular attention to the provided slapd.conf configs on
>>several different occasions.  In fact, I am copying the config files
>>EXACTLY from these documents.  Each time, I am running into the same
>>problem: "ldap_add: Operations error".  This leads me to believe that
>>either my ldap install/database is broken, or I'm asking the ldap server
>>to do something the wrong way (my ldif file is syntactically incorrect,
>>or my ldapadd command is syntactically wrong, or something).
>>It's very frustrating.  I have searched through the mailing list
>>archives, but found nothing that has helped me get around the issue. 
>>Nothing in the documents I have read helps either.  I have never found
>>any sort of troubleshooting guide, either.  So ...
>>Here are the details of my setup:  RedHat 7.2, installed openldap from
>>RPM packages (version 2.0.22 from open-it.org).  I have attached my
>>slapd.conf and init.ldif.