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Re: slapd and Redhat 7.2 question

Did you try looking at the logs and see what is going on ?
You have to set this in your syslog:
local4.*                                                /var/log/ldap.log

Also, play around with the loglevel settings....in slapd.conf.
good luck

Leila Lappin wrote:

Hello all,

I have a brand new Redhat 7.2 installation complete with openldap server under /usr/sbin/slapd. When I issue slapd command nothing what so ever happens. I think I read someone else posting this question about a week ago but unfortunately at the time I didn't pay attention. Could someone who's familiar with the situation shed a light on this?

Thank you in advance

Leila Lappin

-- Terry Davis http://approbation.org/