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Multiple Objectclass in Backend SQL

Hi All,

I am using Openldap 2.0.23 on Win32 platform, running mySQL 4.0.1 and myODBC 3.5.
Spent quite some time to make them work together. Now I can successfully add and search an entry from various LDAP clients.

However I encountered a symptom that the Backend-SQL do not handle multiple objectclass in an entry. It will only take the first appearance of "objectclass" as objectclass and any "objectclass" afterward will be treated as attributes.

I had define two objectclasses in the same entry. The first objectclass was processed perfectly. The second objectclass line were reported "attribute not registered with this objectclass".

If I reverse the position of the two objectclass, the first appeared one still been processed without any problem. The second one still error with "not registered".

I believed the db-schema and query/entry statements are correct as they work properly with a single objectclass entry.

The db-schema seems to me that it can support multiple objectclasses, to some extend it is not, e.g. the objectclass id is tied within the entry record, however it should be still workable.

I had also looked into the source ( backsql_add() ) and seems to me that it has only been called once during a add entry process. And within backsql_add() it seems only handle a single objectclass-tree.

Appreciate any comment or hints.