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Re: smbpasswd+openldap

I set smbpasswd -w as:
./smbpasswd -w "encrypted password"


my smb.conf for the ldap is:
  ldap server = ldapserver
  ldap port = 389
  ldap suffix = "dc=domain, dc=co, dc=uk"
  ldap admin dn = "cn=root, dc=domain, dc=co, dc=uk"
  ldap ssl = no

  workgroup = CDP
  netbios name = eigen
  comment = SAMBA-LDAP-PDC
  security = user
  null passwords = Yes
  encrypt passwords = yes

  # uncoment for HEAD code
  #use spnego=no

  logon drive = U:
  logon path = \\%N\profiles\%g

  domain master = yes
  domain logons = yes
  preferred master = yes
  os level = 255


From: Adam Williams6 <awilliam@whitemice.org>
To: "A. A. Farah" <kunciil@hotmail.com>
CC: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
Subject: Re: smbpasswd+openldap
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 11:06:27 -0500 (EST)

>I am using openldap with samba(ldap enabled), when I tray to add entery for
>user user1 using smbpasswd command this will be the result.
>./smbpasswd -a user1
>New SMB password:
>Retype new SMB password:
>Bind failed: Inappropriate authentication
>Bind failed: Inappropriate authentication
>Failed to add entry for user user1.
>Failed to modify password entry for user user1
>Any solution please for this problem ?

This is really a samba question not an OpenLDAP question.

DId you set you admin dn in smb.conf?  Did you set Samab's bind password
via smbpasswd -w?  Does the user already exists as a posixAccount?

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