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Re: Can LDAP support CHAP, MS-CHAP1 or MS-CHAP2

>I want to use LDAP server to do authentication by CHAP, MS-CHAP1 or
>Is it posssible ?

The LDAP server itself does not support (AFAIK) any form of
"authentication" beyond the bind methods (SASL, GSSAPI, etc...).  An
OpenLDAP server can certainly be used by something like a PPP server
(pppd) as a store of authentication information.  But you must store the
password in clear text in order to support CHAP,  or as either clear
text or an NT hash to support MS-CHAPv2.  I've never met MS-CHAPv1 in
the wild so I don't know about that.  Samba is our PDC for NT4 and
WinY2k workstations and PoPToP/pppd use the NT hash of the user's
password stored in OpenLDAP to authenticate PPTP VPN connections