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AW: ./configure --help

Thanks for your help.

I want to summary the informations that i have become . If I want to use
OpenSSL with Openldap how I must go on.

1. Install OpenSSL 
2. Install Openldap
3. ...

or can install 

1. openldap
2. openssl
3. cyrus SASL

what I want to know is there some chronological order which I must follow? 

Thanks ind advance	

regards Ferruh

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Betreff: Re: ./configure --help

<quote who="Zamangoer, Ferruh">
> Hi All,
> I want to know what is mean with the option auto, static. When I
> have choose yes it means that the option is will be used .
> I want to use OpenSSL , then must i replace  this line:

auto generally means auto detect, sometimes you can
override auto by specifying the option, e.g if you specify
--with-tls it will attempt to build with tls, if you don't have the
right stuff it will fail. if you don't use that option, and tls
is [auto], the script will try to determine whether your system
can build the program with tls, if so, it tries, if not it doesn't.

static generally means whether or not to build something as
a part of something else. like modules. a good example i can
think of is the linux kernel. many options can be set as
modules, and you can load and unload them at almost any
time while the system is running. static modules are always
running and cannot be removed without recompiling.

I prefer as much static stuff as I can get, but it depends on
what you prefer ..