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Re: Extending the schema: What about OIDs?

If you come up with any attributes or objectclasses in practice you should use your own OID. Even if you are extending an existing schema and even if it works.

Venkataraman, Jeeva wrote:

As we are using the core schema and extending it few more attributes, do we
need to get OID specifically for these additional attributes? Is that what
you are saying?
My understanding is that we need to get an OID if the schema is totally new
and independent of core schema. Correct me if I am wrong.


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We have created a local schema file which defines the attributes and object
classes that are specific to us.
Our slapd.conf includes core.schema and our local schema file.
Everything works well this way.
Having read about OIDs, I have clarification on defining the ids for the


the entries.
The OIDs for all the attributes/object classes continue to be the same in
the core.schema.

They are defined by the same authority. The OID should remain the same.

In the local schema we have just added new ids, ids just extending from
similar ones from core schema.
( for instance, defined a 'myattribute' with a id 1.4.1) This works well on our local server.

As well it should.

What is the need to obtain a fully registered OID?

Go to IANA's web site.

Even if we obtain a OID,

"IF"! If you define schema you need your *OWN* OID.

then do we need to change the core schema as well?
Or do we need to change only the local schema attributes?

No, do not adjust existing schema, those are the OIDs of that schema, defined by people with authority to use that OID.

I have a section on OIDs in my LDAP presentation - ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf