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Re: Index corruption

<quote who="Christine Robertson">
> Hi all,
> We are running 2.0.22 under FreeBSD 4.5.  This morning my
> indexes got corrupted in an interesting manner, so that
> the directory believed it had a record which didn't actually
> exist.
> I found one other case rather like it in the archives, but
> no real explanation.

hi again!!

when i read this i thought of this other thread ... specifically
this post:


maybe try to upgrade to 2.0.23 and see if the problem is sitll
there? i upgraded my 2.0.22 servers to .23 last week
because of the above post, just incase ..

though not exactly the same as what you describe, it
sounds very similar(trying to delete and it says it doesn't
exist, only way to recover is to dump and rebuild..etc)

though I did not have luck compiling 2.0.23 on freebsd 4.4
with the configure options that I use(Detailled in this

not sure what options you use ..the ones provided by
the port are pretty basic, I am using the options as used
by the debian package(with 1 modification - i don't use
SASL), which works on debian and solaris 7 ..but not
freebsd(yet) :(