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Re: logging into slave ldap server

<quote who="Christine Robertson">
> Nate wrote:
> 	...I'd like to avoid
> 	storing the password in the config file in plain text ..
> There's no need to have the root password in plain text.
> Use splappasswd to generate the encrypted password, and
> cut-and-paste it into your slapd.conf.
> For example, if your root password is "secret" and you are
> using {MD5} as your encryption scheme, you should have
> the following line in your slapd.conf (before the database
> definitions):

cool! i knew about the password-hash but i thought it
was just for the db itself, I will try this out, I haven't read
anywhere that you could do what you mentioned. another
thing to chock(sp?) up to lack of documentation ? :)

thanks for the quick reply!!