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Intranet project, LDAP+MySQL - whats the best way ??


we want to build a central system where are all user dependent informations 
are stored.

The base should be a SuSE Linux 7.3 and LDAP. The informations (user account 
with phone number, photo, access rights, services, ...) are all entered with 
a self build PHP frontend. Some informations should be accessible from the 
http intranet (phone numbers etc.).

All the other service dependent informations should be accessed from the 
services itself. We are running here HP UX, Windows and SAP on the Windows 
Systems (and squid, nis, samba, dhcp, dns, nfs). It would be grate to have 
the SAP access rights in the LDAP database and that SAP will get it from 

Whats the best way to do this ? Should i use a MySQL Database as backed for 
LDAP ? Or should i use LDBM for the Logon informations only and put all the 
other informations (phone numbers, photos,...) in a MySQL Database and bring 
them all together with PHP to view/administrate them ???