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Re: Samba/LDAP + passwords

>I got samba 2.2.3a to function as a PDC last night
>with LDAP support and was able to get a VMWare
>win2000 system to join the domain and logon ..


>my question is, has anyone had success with
>keeping the different passwords fields in synch?


>I was hoping/expecting that by using LDAP I could
>use the same password field(and the same password)
>for all services. but it seems as though samba
>has its own password fields :(
>so the next best thing is trying to keep them in synch
>but I can't see of a way to do this.

Set it up so that root can change a users userpassword attribute with 
"passwd {username}" command.  That is a PAM issue, and any questions about 
that belong on PADLs pam_ldap list.  Once that works use the "unix passwd 
sync" option of Samba to call passwd when the user changes their NT 
password.  Questions about that specifically should go to the Samba list.

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