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RE: glueing subtree and performance

It depends on how you construct the search. If the server at domain.com has
no idea which subtree John is in, then yes, it will have to search those 50
subtrees to find his entry. If the signin info acquires John's username and
subtree name then of course you can avoid the wasted effort.

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> Subject: glueing subtree and performance
> i am expecting to implement distributed directory service in couple months
> time. lets say i have dc=domain,dc=com and i am expecting to have
> no less than
> 50 subtrees:
> dc=subtree[1..50],dc=domain,dc=com
> 1. a registration form with select boxes (showing exact location
> of subtree)
> will be used during user registration. this will enable me to
> write this record
> to the appropriate subtree ldap server. the registration form
> will advise users
> to properly choose their location as we are offering distributed
> services which
> would enable them to access info faster.
> after a successful registration,
> 2. my users have the option of signing in thru
> a) http://domain.com/signin (root ldap server)
> or
> b)http://subtreeX.domain.com/signin (the ldap server in their hometown)
> 3. should they choose option a) in step 1 above, will the ldap
> server at root
> have to go to each subtree and query that subtree ldap server in turn?
> ie if user John registers at ldap server in subtree 49, the root
> server will
> have to test subtree 1 to 49 before getting John's record.
> is my understanding correct? would this impose performance penalty?
> if yes, could somebody suggest better alternative?
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> roger
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