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v2.0.21 ordering matches and more...

I've run into some problems with OpenLDAP 2.0.21:

I need to perform some '>=' and '<=' searches on numeric values. After much
searching I eventually found that numericStringOrderingMatch and
integerOrderingMatch have been disabled in the source. What's the current
thinking on when these will actually be implemented?

I've tried making the records strings instead of numbers, but this is a
large database (the test ldif file is 35 million lines long) and comparison
searches on this test data take a very long time (30 mins to an hour,
depending on how many records are actually returned).

The test data itself was generated from an existing service running
OpenLDAP v1, and wasn't necessarily put together under any particularly
well-defined schema, as far as I can tell. It seems that v2 is much more
strict (e.g. it seems to require that I include the core.schema file), and
in particular, I can't seem to turn this off with the 'schemacheck off'
directive. Have I misunderstood something here?

Some of the attribute names of the original data have underscores in them,
which the v2 slapd complains about. I've replaced these in my test LDIF
file, but to migrate our existing system to use v2 would require code
changes in the LDAP clients, I guess. Is there a way of getting slapd to be
a little more lenient?


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