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Re: Problem with SQL backend

Please send me slapd debug output wiht highest debug level - maybe I'll find something there...
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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 12:39 PM
Subject: RE: Problem with SQL backend

I installed the ODBC from the RPMs coming with Mandrake
rpm -qa | grep ODBC

Before i installed this packages and tryed to install the source code for the 2.0.23 when i run the ./configure --enable-sql he did return an error complaining about ODBC but after this RPMs are installed he doesn't complain ... just doesn't start the service when i want him to.

If in the source i use ./configure --with-module-sql the error returned is:
checking configure arguments... configure: error: bad value yes for --with-sql_module

Any other ideas?

Thank you,
Nuno Branco

PS. I'm sorry if i sent this message more than once but i'm having some kind of trouble with my mail client.

do you have any ODBC manager installed on your system? The problem could be in that back-sql
module failed to load ODBC library...
As for 2.0.23, it may well be that it's configure was not updated/tested to build back-sql, because it is
kinda paused. There are too much things left to do in back-sql to make it up to date (applying several
patches, unicode support etc), but I still cannot get to it... So if you want to use back-sql with later
versions - you will have to review configure scripts and other possible missynchronized places
WBW, Dmitry

Nuno Branco

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