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Database corruption after abrupt shutdown

My master LDAP server shutdown abruptly last night (we lost power and
the UPS ran out of juice before I could shut the box down).  This morning
I brought things back up but LDAP isn't working.  Any search yields the
following in syslog:

Feb 27 09:02:46 typhoon slapd[231]: ldbm: ==> dn2id.dbb: unexpected file type or format
Feb 27 09:02:46 typhoon slapd[231]: <= dn2id could not open dn2id.dbb 

I can't find any matches for this error in the archives for this mailing
list, the FAQ or Google.  I'm assuming the database got corrupted and I'm
curious if anyone has suggestions for how to go about fixing it?

FWIW, both slapcat and slapindex say the same thing:

> sudo slapcat
slapcat: could not open database.