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userpassword and sasl


I run openldap 2.0.18 and cyrus-sasl 1.5.27 with cram-md5 encryption.
All work fine, I have created a user named DirectoryManager for the
rootdn with its password (saslpasswd -c DirectoryManager) and another
user betienne. the file sasldb work fine.
But the problem is with the ldap attribute userpassword. I have read
that the ldap userpassword is in the sasl database (sasldb) rather than
in the ldap database.

If I run:

ldapmodify -c -v -U login_name_of_rootdn -Y cram-md5

I am asked for the password of DirectoryManager

dn: uid=betienne,dc=c-et-f,dc=com
userpassword: {SASL}

With this syntax, when i do a slapcat I see that the attribute
userpassword is a crypted md5 string of "{SASL}" and ldap dont ask the
password to sasl.

I need your help

Best regards

Castel et Fromaget