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Re: rootdse and ldap uri's

KSmith@barton.ca writes:

There is a distinct difference between the RootDSE entries between the two
LDAP and after going through the schema I can't see how the Domino LDAP
RootDSE is being defined.

Here they are:
Domino LDAP:

supportedsaslmechanisms: EXTERNAL
supportedldapversion: 3
supportedldapversion: 2
subschemasubentry: cn=schema
supportedextension: LanguageCodes
objectclass: top
namingcontexts:: AA==

and the OpenLDAP:

objectClass: top
objectClass: OpenLDAProotDSE

Let me add to Michael's reply that you don't see any extra attribute from OpenLDAP because they're operational so they must be EXPLICTLY requested,
e.g. by listing them one by one (comma separated) in the "attributes"
part of the URI; OpenLDAP implements a shortcut, "+", that means ALL
OPERATIONAL ATTRIBUTES (see draft-zeilenga-ldap-opattrs-XX).


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