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Re: Newbie: Attributes

On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 12:29:08PM -0600, Paul Crittenden wrote:
> I am new to ldap and I didn't set up this server. I need to add some 
> attributes to classify users, such as faculty, students, staff etc. I 
> understand that an attribute is supposed to exist in one of the schema 
> files included in the slapd.conf file and userClass exists in 
> cosine.schema. I set up a file like the following.
> File to make changes contains:
> dn: cn=pdc, dc=simpson, dc=edu
>             changetype: modify
>             add: userClass
>             userClass: staff
> I use the command ldapmodify -a -f ./entrymods
> and I get the error:
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

You need to "extend the schema."  What you do, is create a new Schema
file, like cosine.schema, and you create a new objectClass.  Generally,
you want to extend an existing objectClass.

Now, I haven't mucked with .schema files in a while, and I have no LDAP
server handy, but you generally want to create a new objectClass,
probably called something like simpsonPerson, that is derived from
person, or inetOrgPerson, or the like, so it has all thw attributes
found in your normal entry, but then you can add "custom" attributes
like say simpsonResidenceHall, or the like.

Basically, you want to shop around the Schema files, pick your favorite
objectClass, and extend it with your own .schema file.  Not for the
faint of heart - good luck!

If you're lazy, I know Netscape Directory Server will happily allow you
to turn schema checking off, which means you can define any attribute on
any entry to any value you like.  If you're fairly laid back about the
strict utility of your LDAP service, this may be a way to go.