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Re: ldapsearch


ldapsearch -x -W -h localhost:9009 -b "dc=com" "objectclass=*"

-h localhost:9009 is the server you want to connect to.

-x -> for simple authentication.  newbies want to do that normally, 
assuming you don't have SASL built in...

-W for password (this normally is the pw that you've typed in in your 
slapd.conf file behind the rootpassword, the default config setting is 
secret, indeed secret ;-))

-b is yourbase tree.  normally, most of us have a tree like dc=com, 
dc=company, .. and the dc=com is the root of that tree, so you can quary 
that complete tree...

"objectclass=*" (optional) is simply what i want to see returned.  You 
probably don't want it.

Please try this, and if it doens't work as expected, check the debugging 
errors (add debug with option -d):

ldapsearch -x -W -h localhost:9009 -b "dc=com" -d 255

Please retry, and try to read the man-pages/Admin guide...

Good luck,


 On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, David wrote:

> Hi,
> I can start up slapd and it definitely is runing. However,
> when I telnet localhost 9009, I get the message that can't
> connect which makes me think that slapd is not listening.
> Do I need to have the ipc daemon running? I'm using intel
> windowsNT cygwin.
> I set authmethod to 0 (LDAP_AUTH_NONE) but that didn't
> seem to make a difference. If I use ldapsearch -W, I get
> prompted for a password. What would the password be?
> What steps can I take at this point
> Thanks,
> David

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