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Re: LDAP & PAM & Solaris 7

<quote who="nate">

> The problem is:
> If a local user does not exist, PAM doesn't try to authenticate
> via LDAP. I have confirmed this with debug logs of openldap.

i believe i solved this by using the nss_ldap module.
i coulda swore somewhere i read on tuesday some post that
strongly reccomended against using it, and to only use
pam. but from what i can tell i have no choice.

only reason why it worked on linux is i had the nss_ldap
module installed at one point, and installed nscd as
well, so even after i removed ls_ldap it worked because
nscd had it cached. once i restarted nscd it stopped working
until i reinstalled nss_ldap

if someone does know of a way to do this without nss_ldap
let me know!