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Re: sendmail+LDAP


OpenLDAP v2 includes the mail routing schema in '/etc/openldap/schema/misc.schema'. Probably you just need to uncomment the line that includes this file in slapd.conf.


Catherine Hollnsteiner wrote:

i'm trying to use openldap with sendmail for mail routing but when i run
openldap in configuration file processing mode (level 64)
these is the output:

/usr/etc/openldap-2.0.7/etc/openldap/schema/mail-routing.oc.conf: line
10: old attribute type format not supported.
line 11 (attribute mailHost            cis)
/usr/etc/openldap-2.0.7/etc/openldap/schema/mail-routing.oc.conf: line
11: old attribute type format not supported.
line 12 (attribute mailLocalAddress    cis)
/usr/etc/openldap-2.0.7/etc/openldap/schema/mail-routing.oc.conf: line
12: old attribute type format not supported.
line 20 (objectClass inetLocalMailRecipient
requires                      objectClass
allows                       mailLocalAddress,
mailRoutingAddress,                      mailHost)
/usr/etc/openldap-2.0.7/etc/openldap/schema/mail-routing.oc.conf: line
20: old objectclass format not supported.
line 9 (index mailLocalAddress)
/usr/etc/openldap-2.0.7/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 9: unknown
directive "index" outside backend info and database definitions

i using the sendmail+LDAP howto as my reference, and i just noticed that
the version of ldap used/specified there is openldap-1.2.11.
me, i'm using openldap-2.0.7(as seen above). guess it's obviously not
being supported. can anyone tell me what to do to?
i really need this to work.
i really appreciate any help.


David L. Parsley
Network Administrator, Roanoke College
"If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants."
--Isaac Newton