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Re: SQL queries of LDAP directory

Check out the jdbc driver for LDAP that we make here at Novell.  


Last year at plugfest I tested it against Novell, OpenLDAP, iPlanet...
etc.  It is read only and performance suffers on large queries - joins
performed in the driver itself.   

I suppose you can join tables from different drivers - I've never tried
before but I've heard that there exist utilities to do that kinda

- Cameron

Cameron Morris
Novell, Inc., a leading provider of Net business solutions

>>> Allan Streib <astreib@indiana.edu> 02/18/02 09:49AM >>>
Are there any tools that provide a SQL interface to LDAP directories?
I have seen mention of something called Enlist, but the link at
ldapzone.com is broken.

Ideally what I am looking for is a something that would allow me to
write a SELECT query that would "join" Oracle tables with the
directory using a SQL syntax.  I don't need to support directory
updates via SQL.  Does anyone know if such a thing exists?