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Re: Synchronizing with Lotus Notes R5

This is exactly what I'm trying to do !!!     I have finished doing a pilot
project for Distributed Sendmail architecture, and I've setup sendmail to
query the Lotus Notes LDAP server for the person name, and the location
attribute. Based on the location attribute, sendmail then routes the
message.  During the pilot project Lotus Notes proved to be a very slow
LDAP server !!!   This is when I started thinking of implementing an
OpenLDAP solution on the Sendmail/Linux  servers that replicate with Lotus

As you've mentioned below, all I need is the name attribute and the
location.  The location is the only piece that sendmail need to route the
messages. I'm definitely not interested in getting the whole DIT.

I still did not even start to learn OpenLDAP, so I'm still very new to this
subject. Is it possible you email me an example of the script you're using

Also, our Lotus Notes  server has about 7000  users/email addresses.  This
causes a concern for me!!!  pulling name and location attributes for 7000
users might cause some performance issues on the OpenLDAP server, is this
correct ?


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What you could of course do, is to have Sendmail query the Domino LDAP task
directly. I didn't go that way though, because when I started off w/ Notes
the LDAP task was so slow, that we couldn't work with it. BTW, 5.0.9a isn't
much faster, IMO.

I have never found a method of replicating the whole DIT from Domino to
but I wouldn't want that anyway,because although we have a similar setup as
you (all internal mail servers are Domino), our main directory is OpenLDAP.

What I do is use a Perl script to pull (as as manager) all relevant bits
pieces from the Domino LDAP task periodically. It works well, as long as
LDAP task works... You'd need to custom make the program, but it isn't

BTW, you may not even be interested in the whole DIT, because for example,
not be able to use the userPassword attibute: Lotus has an unpublished
algorithm, so you couldn't use that in OpenLDAP.

Hope this helps.

On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, Raed Nashef wrote:

> We currently have Lotus Notes R5 servers that are handling all of our
> internal mail. Some of these servers are setup as  LDAP servers.  We have
> need to replicate the Lotus Notes LDAP database to an OpenLDAP server
> running RedHat 7.0. We will be setting up Sendmail to query the OpenLDAP
> directory for user location and routing information.  We would like to be
> able to synchronize with the Lotus Notes servers every 12 hours.   Is
> doable ?  and if yes can someone please direct me to the right direction
> Thanks
> -Raed.