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Re: Multiple-inheritance and ditContentRules

At 06:39 AM 2002-02-13, Chris Nicol wrote:
>I'm trying to find a way of saying that ALL objects of class A will have the
>attributes of class B, without having B an ancestor of A.  I believe
>ditContentRules serves this purpose in x500 but that it is not obligatory
>in an LDAP implementation and is not supported in OpenLDAP.
>Does OpenLDAP provide a way of doing this?

Exactly that, no.  But, generally, if you want an object to have
all attributes of two unrelated classes (of compatible usage),
you would define a new class which subclassed both of the
unrelated classes.  There are a couple of examples of this in
*.schema, such as OpenLDAPperson in openldap.schema.