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Re: JLdap text=critical extension is unavailable & OpenLdap

At 02:04 AM 2002-02-13, Julien Rottenberg wrote:
>So my server don't accept critical extension ? Huh !

OpenLDAP doesn't implement this particular extension.

Hence this result.

>I've tried 'man ldapsearch'
>---> ldapsearch -b "dc=myorg,dc=fr" "ou=people" -MM -S "givenname"
>(-MM for control critical) and it worked !!!
>(sorted by givenname)

-MM enables an unrelated (critical) extension, ManageDsaIt.
-S is client side sorting.

>What's going on ?

You are configuring client side sorting provided by ldapsearch(1)
with the a server-side sort request.